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This page includes different photos from different parts of Finland. Also in this section I am intending to give the general information about Finland for newcomers so have a look!

Newsweek magazine rated Finland as the world best place to live in. Know more from NewsWeek Magazine.

Vantaa international airport Finland.


The Lutheran Cathedral (Tuomiokirkko), a.k.a The White Church at Helsinki's Senate Square (Senaatintori) is probably the most popular picture of Helsinki, maybe even the most famous building of Finland. The original design of the church comes from Carl Ludvig Engel, who designed also most of the buildings around Senate Square as well as many other buildings in Helsinki. It was completed in 1852 and ever since it has been almost something like an icon for the city. The stairs down to Senate Square are a popular meeting point and on evenings like Vappu (1st of may) it is crowded with mostly young people enjoying themselves. Also in (2007) Eurovision Song Contest, hosted by Helsinki/Finland because of Lordi's glorious victory in 2006, this was the place to be - since it was the largest public viewing spot of Helsinki.


Situated on a group of islands off Helsinki, Suomenlinna was built during the Swedish era as a maritime fortress and a base for the Archipelago Fleet. Work on the fortress was begun in the mid-18th century. Today, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Finland’s most popular tourist attractions. Suomenlinna is also a district of the city of Helsinki, with a permanent population of more than 800.
Know more from Suomenlinna's Website.

Lake Saimaa Lappeenranta Finland.
This is the largest lake of Finland (4,400 square kilometres) and 4th largest lake of Europe. IT is situated very near from Lappeenranta University of Technology and Saimia University of applied sciences. Fishing and ice-fishing can be done here. Know more from Saimia Lake Wikipedia.

The above two pictures show the typical bus stop in Finland and type of local bus in Helsinki. Bus stop includes maps and details about the bus destination. You can plan your journey in Helsinki reason via this website HSL Helsinki. While planning journey from HSL take care of stop number ( Every stops are uniquely numbered) you can easily find your destination. The yellow button you can see in 2nd picture is to inform driver that you are getting down so that he/ she stops the bus in coming stop. For the ticket you can get yourself from automatic machine ( 2€ for Helsinki and 4€ for Helsinki Vantaa/Espoo) or from driver (€2.5) for hourly ticket. (Only cash accepted not bank card.)  You can purchase whole day ticket @ ~ €10. if you have to travel in many places in specific day. Tourist card for 3/4 days are also available in R-Kioksi.  { . Student bus card cost €22/month for Helsinki and €45 for Helsinki/ Vantaa/ Espoo regional card. Note.- The same ticket works in bus/Train/ Metro and tram so you can use anywhere if you have time validity.. You have to "sign in" your card in the special machine near to driver or show your ticket to driver white taking bus.

As you can see above two pictures are the type of train platform and train of Finland. Platform is numbered and in there is monitor near platform so that you can know which train goes where from which platform. You can check train and train fare from from VR Website. There are local trains in many areas of Helsinki but don't worry if you have a bus card, it is valid in every means of public transportation like bus, train, tram and metro. You have to purchase train ticket and show that ticket inside train for long distance train. But for Helsinki you can simply take train and show your card only in case of special check from HSL Staffs. Remember:- If you take train and you don't have ticket you have to pay €80 penalty if you are caught from HSL staffs. 

Metro "M" symbol.
The above two picture are the pictures of metro in Helsinki region. Metro stops are usually underground. So in order to find the stops in any new place in Helsinki you have to seek the symbol of metro. Don't get confused  with the "M" of macdonald which looks like this

Anyway this symbol is also useful for you if you want lunch. Beware of beef contents.

This is the picture of tram ( public transportation) in Helsinki region. Tram and Metro are conducted mainly on the central part of Helsinki city. Trains are covering quite wide range and every streets are connected by bus so transportation in Helsinki region is very good.

Taxis in Helsinki region are often blamed as expensive. Expensive doesn't mean that taxi driver will cheat you. There is very less probability of cheating in Finland everything is systematic. They will take charge the standard rate even-though they are expensive.  But if you have to travel in exceptional hours or you have to reach somewhere you just know address but you don't know the way to reach there in the mentioned time. Taxi (Taksi here) would only be the option and you have to pay that amount.