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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Finland Student Residence Permit Renewal Guide!

This time most of the students are rushing for residence permit renewal. Here I am going to give the simple residence permit renewal guide. Documents Required!

  • Your Passport
  •  1 Visa Size Photo (35*47mm and 20-25mm head if you are Photoshop savvy you can edit by yourself and print in 55cent. otherwise you have to pay 10-16 Euro) 
  • Your credit Reports and certificate of attendance for coming year from college. Remember to ask both documents. 
  • Bank statement of last 3 months. If you have part time work you need to show your work contract and payslip from last 3 months. Otherwise you have to show €6000 bank balance.
  •  Insurance certificate. If you are have Finnish kela card insurance certificate is not needed. Otherwise You can do it from International Student Insurance. Important thing to notice about insurance is Malmi police Helsinki doesn't accept insurance which have deductible more than $100. So Choose the deductible amount less than or equal to $100.
  • Imp. Remember to fill up the visa application form before submitting documents to immigration.
  • €80 Cash (No card Accept) as visa renewal fee.
If you miss any of your documents of point(2-5) you can go and give those next day or another easy option is to send it by post. The early you go it would be convenient for you. Take number (A---format) by pressing kaikki kansalaiset. You can take number before 2pm. Police office function hours is 8Am-16.15Pm. If you have got the number you turn will definitely come on the same day, wait patiently. If you have the genuine cause for residence permit speed up request then ask a piece of paper and jot down the cause on that so that they could take your cause into consideration.  

Insurance form filling tips!

Go to the website International student insurance. Click Apply Online. Choose Atlas Travel online application option.
Will your trip include US..Check no.
Date of coverage should begin:- The very next day that your visa ends.
Date of coverage should end:- Put 1 year duration from the coverage begin. If you put coverage begin 16 August, it will end on 15 August of next year so that the total duration will be 1 year.
Put your date of birth and check no. Then click Get quote. Then choose 100 dollar Deductible amount and apply. You have to pay 347 dollar~241 Euro. You can pay from visa electron card.

Way to find Malmi Police Station. (For Applicants of Helsinki).

Of course you can check map from Malmi Police or Malmi Police. But I will give simple directions for those who are confused about the way. Get down from train and climb up the stairs turn left and go straight towards market through the corridor. Before entering the shopping complex very near to its entrance if you turn left you can see stair to car and cycle park climb down those stairs. Then turn left and go straight till the end of that road. Don't cross the road and turn left and go straight. If you turn left without crossing road you will find visa office on your LHS.

There is photo studio in shopping complex (Malmin tori) near Lidl. Also there is nordea bank outside of the shopping complex for bank transaction. Otto Machines are there in the shopping complex for €80 visa renewal cash :).